Around the time when Shadow of a Victim was filmed, Chris Woods and Luis Matos helped out friend Andrew Ross with his short film The Trust. Ross was also a student at The University of Tampa studying film. Andrew wanted his short film to be part of Woods' Creeping Death series. Although by the time the film was finished the series had ended, but the short went on to play a few film festivals.

The Trust (1997) is about two frat boys (Woods and Ross) playing a prank on the janitor (Matos) of their school, but when things get out of hand, the janitor takes matters into his own hands and chases the two boys through the school with an ax. When one of the boys (Woods) is left by Ross, the tables are turned on Ross and the janitor gets his revenge.



Luis Matos stalks his prey.
Andrew Ross and Chris Woods.
Matos with ax.

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