Back in the fall of 1997 Chris Woods was still in college at The University of Tampa making student films. This was in the early years of ICON. Woods was working on his horror series Creeping Death, and childhood friend Simon Lynx had just moved to Tampa Bay to help Chris make movies. In the fall semester, Woods was taking a film class with friend Luis Matos. Between the two of them, they made a series of six films. Shadow of a Victim was one of them.

Shot in Black and White 16mm film and edited on a flatbed, the film noir short was about a hitman (Matos) who is haunted by a ghost of one of his victims (Lynx) who appears to him in the form of a shadow. The hitman refuses to believe the shadow is real until he can't take anymore as the shadow continues to haunt him. Trying to escape his demons, the hitman is confronted by the shadow as it gets its revenge.

The film has been shown at several film festivals and won a few awards since it was made back in '97. The short is included on The Chameleon DVD.




Luis Matos as the hitman.
Simon Lynx as the shadow.
Matos with gun.

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