Back in October of 2003, ICON shot two scenes of their up coming feature. What ICON has planned for this project is to submit the two scenes to studios for they can provide financing for the rest of the picture.

Here's what POP's all about.....Four teenage girls kidnap a female pop singer. Feeling ignored by society and sickened by pop culture, the teens plot a plan that will gain them attention by holding hostage the world's famous pop princess.

ICON would like to take this time and thank the whole cast and crew for an excellent job on this project.


Amanda Beck - Heather/Kristen Hall

Tiffany Richie - Traci

Jessica Vannier - Lainie

Sowsan Karim - Kim

Hanibal Vito - Manager

Jay - The Boyfriend

Jackie Youmas - Bodyguard 1

Carl Hunter - Bodyguard 2

Alyssa & Leila - Dancers

Jereme Badger - Radio D.J.


Chris Woods - Director/Producer

Chris Giuffr'e - Line Producer/AD

Dave Barrett - Director of Photography

Kevin Bailey - Set Construction lead

Bob Baker - Gaffer 1

Wes Pratt - Gaffer 2

Kurt Glaser - Key Grip

Andrew Hawthorne - Grip/PA

Eddie Sturgeon - Sound Designer

Jeff Zinda - Audio/Grip Assist

Jennifer Register - Script Supervisor

Joy Petricski - Key Hair & Make-up

Brian Olroff - Hair & Make-up Assistant

Jodi Muller - Set Dresser/Buyer

Diana Philips - PA

Seth Floyd - Set Construction

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Also a special thanks to Sam DeLeo of Peddler's Mall; Robin Eldred of The Coliseum; Jon Wilson for the Kris Hall pics; Andy Lalino; and Simon Lynx.

Check out pics from the shoot!


From left; Amanda Beck as Heather, Tiffany Richie as Traci, Jessica Vannier as Lainie, and Sowsan Karim as Kim.

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