In the fall of 1998, Luis Matos shot a short film called Honey, I'm Home! The film was shot in 16mm color film and had a full crew. Chris Woods helped out in the production as assistant director and let Matos use his apartment for the shoot. (The same place where Bleed would be shot, three years later.) The film was shot in only one night and went on to be seen at several film festivals. The film was also included with Chameleon when it was available on VHS from Dept. 13.

A drunken husband threatens his wife to let him back in the house. But she fears that he will continue to abuse her. As she refuses to let him in, the husband begins to push the door down. The wife calls 9-1-1 but it's too late.

Honey, I'm Home is included on The Chameleon DVD.



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