Last month ICON paid tribute to Crazedfanboy.com which features Pop Culture Review. We introduced to the man that made Crazed Fanboy possible, Nolan Canova. But Nolan doesn't do it alone. He has a group of talented writers that contribute every week to make Pop Culture Review a must read. Some writers are here in our local area of Tampa Bay, but some come from across america. Each has their own unique style of writing and each of them have intriguing interests. From movies to music to current events to politics, every column of theirs has something for everyone.

Crazed Fanboy has had many different columnist over the years, here's a summary of some of the writers that grace the site. Michael A. Smith, who actually has two columns on the site. One is a movie review column called This Week's Movie Review and Mike's Rant where he discusses Hollywood films through out the years and his views on current events. He often talks about one his favorite films of all time, Spielberg's classic film Jaws. Mike's Rant actually started as part of the first Lettercol. William Moriaty's La Floridiana is a very interesting read. Will talks about everything from UFO sightings in Florida to Horror Hosts from the area. He has also been all over this great state and in his column he takes us on a journey to many historic sights of Florida including fantastic pictures from his travels. Will has been a friend of Nolan since high school and started writing for PCR in issue #70. Will also has a book out called Will Moriaty's Florida, which is a collection of articles of La Floridiana. You can also check out Will's comic from the 70's called The Kanlon Kronicles. Matt's Rail a column by Matt Drinnenberg talks about many different topics which range from horror movies, sports, religion, and politics, Matt also has a fascination with the Classic Monsters of the 1930s and 40s.

Splash Page by Brandon Jones is a column about comics and movies. Brandon talks about many different comics and also discusses his journey to comic convention and his meetings with many legendary comic artists. Also he touches on movies, politics, and the film scene in the Tampa Bay area. John Lewis, who writes the column called Creature's Corner has appeared, disappeared, and reappeared twice on PCR. John who also dabbles in filmmaking, writes about cult horror films and also recent horror movies. He'll usually rates the films with 1 to 4 screams. His daughter, Ashley Lauren also wrote a few articles on PCR called Ashley's Hollywood which she focused on gossip in Hollywood. Terence Nuzum who doesn't write for PCR anymore but has made a huge impact on the site through out the years. He has had many different columns, Tirade then The Enlightenment to The Digital Divide. Terence talks about many different things, mainly he discusses music, mostly punk rock. But he also touches on independent films and he's not afraid to tell it like it is. Terence has also written an excellent four part series article called A Rough Guide to 70's Horror Films and another one titled 10 part History of The Blues Starts Here.

Couch Potato Confessions is a column by Vinnie Blesi in which he writes about what's on TV. Vinnie shares his views on where television programming has been and where is it going and how it affects pop culture. He also shares his political views and talks about many happens in the Crazed Fanboy camp. Also, Vinnie's column like John Lewis' seems to appear and disappear from PCR, so keep checking the site for an article of Coach Potato to reappear again. Andy Lalino's Oddservations is very entertaining to read. Focusing on the classic era of late 70's early 80's horror flicks, his motto is if it came after '86 it's crap. Andy who we know from Filthy fame (his short horror film gorefest) also talks about 80's new wave music, sci-fi, classic TV shows of the 70s, and politics. Andy also shares his adventures in many film festivals or cons that he attends and talks about different film projects that he is involved in. And then there's Deadguy's Dementia from Mike "Deadguy" Scott who writes on a dark an erie level about the strange and the bizarre. Deadguy has only written a few times for PCR. This year there was some new comers to Crazed Fanboy's PCR, Drew Reiber's Chiller Cinema which is all horror all the time. Drew also has gotten a chance to interview George A. Romero. Click here to read. And Peter Card's Asian Film Update where Peter reviews many different films from the great East.

But, PCR doesn't just have great and informative articles. It also has great fiction. First off we have Flash Fantastic which our tales of mystery, horror, and science-fiction. Stories that are so scary they're right out of EC Comics. Author Patty G. Henderson started Flash Fantastic and was the editor-in-chief until 2004 when Art Brown took over the position. Filmmaker Jason L. Liquori fictional series DinoSoldier is a story of adventure, fantasy and sci-fi. Maybe one day we'll see the film version of this adventure. Jason also has a video series on PCR called Jason's Jungle, an educational animal show where Jason visits many zoos, farms, and places of animals in Florida. And we can not forget ED Tucker, who doesn't have a column on PCR but has written many articles such as Salvageland: Disney World's Final Frontier, Monster Memories, and 20,000 Leagues Into The Toilet just to name a few. He also has sat down with many different cult filmmakers such as Ted. V. Mikels and Ray Dennis Steckler. There are also many other interviews and articles from columnist and other writers. Mike Smith has interviewed Matthew McConaughey, Paul Williams, Linda Harrison and many more. Also an excellent article from Special Make-Up Effects Artist Corey Castellano titled Musings of a Make-Up Artist is a must read.

But wait that's not all Crazed Fanboy has to offer. Log on to The Crazed Fanboy Message Board where everything and anything is discussed. Here's where you have a voice. So, log in and join the fun. We hope you enjoyed this two part series of ICON's tribute to Crazed Fanboy. Here at ICON Film Studios we would like to thank Nolan and the many writers of PCR for five plus years of the most informative and entertaining source of pop culture in the world today. Now, here's a special message from the founder, editor, and publisher of Pop Culture Review on Crazedfanboy.com, Nolan Canova:

Although I've been working on Crazed Fanboy website for over five years, it feels like a much shorter time, virtually the blink of an eye. And although I've known Chris Woods and Simon Linx of ICON Film Studios only slightly over two years, it feels like I've known them much longer. I am honored and gratified at this retrospective Chris has assembled. It has, in no small way, been a great reward for my years of toil and labor promoting the Tampa Bay art and film scene. It is now functioning as a great incentive to continue that mission.

Since I began Nolan's Pop Culture Review in 2000, I have had the honor and privilege of working with some of the best fan writers and independent movie critics in America, most of whom I've known for decades, some a much shorter time, but all amazingly talented, toward the goal of a broader understanding of why people do what they do, often with no pay, understanding why some art becomes famous and recognized and some remains unknown, and, on a bigger scale, why events unfold as they do. At the same time, I've had an equal honor and privilege meeting and getting to know some of the very artists, musicians, and filmmakers whose exploits I chronicle. This has become the very heart of being a pop culture critic, among other things: when you know inside out what people are capable of, you can more easily recognize their true accomplishments. Sometimes this results in having to tell an artist his or her current work is not up to the heights of his or her past works---this is never easy. More often, however, the road to artistic growth is marked by a more-or-less rising line on the chart, as the artist, musician and/or filmmaker gradually develops his or her craft and, most importantly, learns from his or her mistakes.

On a personal level, one of the most surprising and rewarding side effects of my work on the Crazed Fanboy website (especially given my limited geographic territory), is that my writers and I have gained a credibility and respectability where our opinion is concerned. This is arguably the whole point of why I started the website: to give my opinion of what I could consume and, by sharing what I know and fostering a dialogue with my readership, to build a respect and dignity for the art scene in my area. This, subsequently (and hopefully) increases readership awareness and demand for our output. And although my geographic area may be limited, Crazed Fanboy is open for the world to see. It is a responsibility I don't take lightly.

Once again, I want to thank Chris Woods for putting together this Tribute to Crazed Fanboy. I hope over the many, many years to come, we here at Nolan's Pop Culture Review continue to be deserving of such an honor.

Love to all,
Nolan B. Canova
August 1, 2005.





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