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When Fantasy Is Mixed With Reality, Our Life As We Know It Will Bleed!

The future for motion pictures is not in Hollywood, but in Tampa Bay. Chris Woods, a graduate of The University of Tampa and Indy Filmmaker will be releasing his first feature length film entitled "Bleed" which is a mocumentary of a series of murders happening on a fictional college campus in Tampa. A police detective discovers that the murders are copies of killing scenes done on a local cable access horror series called "Creeping Death." Two young college women are also following the case and documenting ever moment of it. As they get closer and closer to the killer the story grows more bizarre then you can ever imagine.

Here's a little bit more about the movie. Like we said before, this feature is a mockumentary on a fictional horror director named Vic Van Viper, where in 1994 he and his crew were shooting a horror series and were all found dead on the set of the show except Viper, who was assumed to be dead after police found a suicide note via video tape by the horror director. Two and a half years later, bizarre murders start to happen on a college campus where Viper once attended. A police detective, Simpson, discovers the murders are copies of Creeping Death killings. At the same time a college student, Amber Johnson, is making her own documentary on the life and death of Viper. Amber and her friend, Julie Comb, move into Viper's old house. The same house where Viper filmed his last Creeping Death and murdered his crew or so they say. While Simpson hunts down the killer, Amber discovers a much more bizarre world then one of Viper's shows. As the case progressives, it is certain that Viper may still be alive and behind the killings. As the climax approaches, you won't believe what secrets are revealed in the realm of Vic Van Viper.
The Cast & Crew of BLEED
Chris & Amanda
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The best way to sum up the movie is it's a true story about a fake character. The feature is in a documentary fashion. With interviews, reenactments, still photos, and file footage. All shot on digital video. All that and narration by Phillip Barry Powell and a creepy music score on top of it also by Powell and the Metal band Wayward. Also a history on each key character and suspects, lots of them. The featured players in this mockumentary are Amber Johnson played by Amanda Beck and Detective Simpson played by Dave Alspach. The supporting cast members are Julie Comb played by Liana Morrison, Simon Lynx plays himself as Vic Viper's friend and co-producer of Creeping Death, Chet McGrady, a production assistant who is interviewed is played by Mike Norris, Sam West, who is a member of a group called Viper's Pit is played by Maurice Fuentes, and other small roles include a man named Fitius, the so-called leader of The Viper's Pit played Ryan James, and a reporter Allen Reed played by Andy Bonanno. And of course there's Vic Van Viper, who could forget him.

This movie is nothing like anyone has seen before. It's almost like The True Hollywood Story or Behind The Music, just without Hollywood and without the music. The horror cult fans will love it. Young adults will jump on the band wagon once they see this innovating piece of movie art. The film also was shown at The Saints and Sinners Film Festvial in St. Petersburg, FL back in August 2002. The the place was packed and the movie got a huge popped from the crowd at The State Thater. At the end of the night "Bleed" took home Best Editing, Best Special Effects, Best Actor, Dave Alspach, and Best Picture. It was a great night for Woods and his crew. Woods has also been featured on local news, magazines, and newspapers for his efforts. Stay tuned to this web site and get up to date news on Bleed. Go to NEWS to get a run down on the production of "Bleed" and see what's next for the project. Also check back here for other features in the future. Keep bleeding!


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